A thread on relatives and life.

Before I speak on relatives it is important to read about relationships.

Relationship is a two way street. If you want other person to be there for you, you need to there for them. …

#MicroTale #LetGo

And the whole life one tried to control the other. In the name of care and concern, being overtly cautious - trying to shield them from hurt and pain one 'tried to' help them. But what did it end up in? …

Negative thoughts expressed are mostly suppressed by others.

They need not be. They need to be acknowledged not agreed upon.

Negative thoughts could be an outcome of a direct experience. Something they have seen and experienced with their present state of body and mind.

How anything impacts an individual is…

Covid 19 has been there for around a year. And after fearing and taking possible precautions, I still had Covid 19. You may never know how it landed up and it might not look familiar to identify at first. It all looks so normal to begin with that you might…

Swapnil D Bawane

Still figuring out life as it happens!

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